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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery occurs when an individual, who is owed money takes their case to a firm/agency to assist them in recovering their owed debt.

Albright Kendrick has a debt recovery team which works for both individual and business debt recovery.

Areas where we can assist

  • Letter to debtor demanding payment
  • Issuing a court claim
  • Taking enforcement action

Why choose us?

Boasting of a high satisfaction rate, our clients can expect an impressive level of service from our team at Albright Kendrick. We will do whatever is necessary to get the best outcome for at the end of the case.

Unlike other firms/agencies, we ensure that our clients will not receive any unpleasant surprises on their final bill in accordance with the commission from amounts which we have successfully recovered for them. At Albright Kendrick, we offer services on a fixed-fee basis with no hidden charges.

Who will be dealing with your case?

Our Debt Recovery Team


Please contact us at:

[email protected]


or Telephone us on:

01728 272777


Our fees

At Albright Kendrick, we offer a free 30-minutes initial consultation. If after this you decide that you would like to instruct us, you will then be quoted an estimated or a fixed-fee on a private paying basis.

Our fees will be dependent on a variety of factors such as what your case entails and the duration of your case. Please feel free to call us for a no-obligation quote.

Letter before action (company debt) – £25

Letter of claim (individual) – £65

In addition to the amounts listed here, we take 15% of the claim value as our fees

Request judgement – £45

Writ of control – £60 plus court fees which are dependent on the value of the claim and are updated by the Courts regularly.

Warrant of execution – £60 plus court fees which are dependent on the value of the claim and are updated by the Courts regularly.

Issue of statutory demand – £125

Timescales: Timescales when taking the matter to a final hearing at Court are around 30-52 weeks. The matter can, however, be settled at any time prior to the hearing.


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