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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is best described as the process where two or more individuals or companies/organisations go to court to resolve a conflict. Civil Litigation arises when one party, known as the claimant claims to have been harmed by the actions of the other party, known as the defendant.

Civil cases are most commonly resolved by way of awarding damages, this is where the defendant will pay compensation to the claimant. Another action that the courts could endorse as a form of resolution would be an injunction, this could either prevent the defendant from undertaking an action or could require the defendant to conduct an action.

Our firm delivers the highest quality of service to both individuals and organisations on a private paying basis. However, it is vital that our clients receive expert legal advice at the earliest expediency in order to build the strongest possible case. Our solicitors are available to guide

Areas where we can assist

  • Clinical Negligence
  • Defamation
  • Employment Issues
  • Insolvency
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Negligence

This list is not exhaustive – if you have a matter which is not on this list, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team to discuss your options.

Why Choose us?

Albright Kendrick’s Civil Litigation department appreciates the complexities of each civil matters case and has exceptional knowledge of the immense amount of law which is associated with them. Our extensive knowledge allows our solicitors to take on a range of civil litigation cases and adequately represent with notable expertise in court if the need arises. Once court proceedings have completed and, our solicitors will inform the clients on what options they will need to take to ensure success when constructing a case to present to the courts.

Who will be dealing with your case?

Our Litigation Team

Please contact us at:

[email protected] 

or telephone us on:

01782 272777:

Our fees

At Albright Kendrick, we offer a free 30-minutes initial consultation. If after this you decide that you would like to instruct us, you will then be quoted an estimated or a fixed-fee on a private paying basis.

Our fees will be dependent on a variety of factors such as what your case entails and the duration of your case. Please feel free to call us for a no-obligation quote.

All matters will be charged on an hourly rate basis.

If we are acting for the Claimant

Preparation and drafting of claim – £500 but if counsel is required to draft then the costs will be confirmed by counsel.

Review of Defence received and response for Defence – £400

Dealing with directions and Witness statements – £500

Attendance at case management conferences is charged at £600 each or if counsel attends subject to counsel confirmation of costs.

Costs of attendance at final hearing to be confirmed by counsel.

Court fee is subject to exact value of claim and is subject to change.

Acting for Defendant

For review of Claim and preparation of Defence – £500. If counsel however prepares Defence, then review of case will be £200 and counsel will confirm fee for drafting of Defence

Directions and Witness statements – £500

Attendance at case management conferences is charged at £600 each or if counsel attends subject to counsel confirmation

Final Hearing to be confirmed by counsel

Timescales – 12 – 24 months on estimate to get to final hearing.

VAT is chargeable in relation to our legal fees


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